am too lazy to blog these days, but want to shout this out, i know its late n of no use, still

its about a year and they are planning more, i am saying about Sherlock Holmes movie, many of yours favourite n as a movie i enjoyed it too. but its a cheat, the cheapest marketing ever, just using the name for money.
and what u have seen is not any real Holmes,
am a huge fan of Holmes, n the movie depicts not the one we been reading from Sir.Arthur Conan Doyle.
he is not that funny as he is, though he knows baritsu, he is not into boxing or mere fighting often, and about Watson, he is just not like that any,
The movie had everything.action,drama,love,comedy. and there was no such story in whole Holmes collections, but must say nicely made to entertain everyone,
Holes must have been reproduced in the real style, thats what i want to say,the things they been loyal was his Address,Name and age.
He is the greatest ever in Detective novels, personally i love more than Poirot ,Perry Mason,Father Brown or any, n guys do read the classics n know the real star,
just my view, n to be frank i enjoyed the movie over all this

so atlast saw Prince fo Persia SOT movie, i never waited ant movie so much, and not any disappointed,
            The movie is a complete entertainer to those who dnt know the SOT trilogy , i mean the game series, and the gaming fans are not disappointed either,
Still the change in storyline wasnt that necessary, Originally in Sands of Time game, first of the trilogy the story is taking place in India, not in Persia totally ,Warrior Within at Island of Time and The last The Two Thrones in Persia.
But here the story is in Persia only and the changed the races of charecters,Indian princess Farah was renamed Tamina, the persian version enacted by not any Persian, so is the Persian Prince played by Jake , but good thing is that they named the prince- Dastan, not bad,,
And the sadest and biggest failure was the absence of Vizier, the villian in the story, replaced by Nizam.But they turned the story nicely to cause no harm, n everything made sense at the end,,
But Nizam wont be a great villian in the coming movies, as compared to the Vizier who rules in the games.
             Along with changing the race of Charecters they changed the blood of Dastann,, D, but nothing harmful and story takes the effect.
And it did reminded me the game at most of the points unlike usual adaptations,The fightings were not so POP style, but good, they should have shown the trademark move-wall running a bit more, and the combo moves still remain in dream, and many of my frends said they got reminded of Assassins Creed by the fight than POP,not any me,
And the movie is really interesting and exciting and not ruined any pottential to develop the series, Unlike Sherlock Hlomes and other movies which used the name to make money, it was much true to the game,D. loved it,
a Must for the gamers

TEKKEN movie review

Am a huge fan of the tekken game series, the best Arcade game and the best fighting one in multiplayers, so been waiting the movie ever since rumours start sprouting.And am not any disappointed, the movie is real good.

Unlike the usual game movie adaptations, which destroyed the original, this ones true to the series, Those who have played Tekken must be familiar with the charecters and the different plots we played on everyone, the movie is full about the Iron Fist tournament Jin getting into as Peoples choice, the Revenge , the fights n the fight for Tekken terittory,

The movie is full of fights ,the iron fist tournament n reminds you the game at most points, The most amazing thing is the way they recreated the charecters from game, y looks and the Fights everyone were true to the game, Even the signature moves were included, and they show it neatly, action may seem a bit slow at times, but trust me u r gonna love it,,The movie doesnt include many chars, like the cuties Lilly ,Ling, Azuka, and new additions such aas all girls, and lot of guys too, Tekken truly got much pottential to be developed in movie side i guess, fan so a little biased i admit,, In the movie they even reproduced Yoshimitzu, never expected that,

And the ridiculous thing about it is some vulgarity, the dressing of Christine is ridiculous n vulgar, She shows off her back all time n its far down, maybe to keep the heat on. watch yourself, And Anna n Ninna were completly destroyed in the movie, keeping them down to some toys of Kazuya.And about story u dnt think much, coz u can find many flaws, focus on the actions n more tekken is to come,, expecting them

and to girls the Hero guy is awesome as Jin n looks great

like the posters been saying its truly the best entertainer of 2010, its the best one from Christopher Nolan, u may be having trouble getting the full plot of movie( i had ) , but u will move smoothly with the story without blinking the whole time.
and to say its a typical Nolan flick with dark background, absorbing nature. lemme say like Memento n Following u will want to go back n chk at many times. But it lacks nice dialogues like his others , i meant something catchy as we had. Wat else its power packed with Action and gripping story, unlike memento n Following which were more coz of presentation this one got the story n direction both which needs to keep u in,
Leanardo is cool.The 500 days of Summer guy is much matured, and Juno is still a girl n our Ras Al Gul (Ken Watanabe) casting is superb n u will feel usual Nolan crew thing.-Maichel Caine, old Scarecrw n Ras Al Gul (batman begins) and the story wants u to be inside. u gotta think n follow unlike watching it, i still wonder abt it at many points, still can say i enjoyed it to the extreme, and even we can choose on the movie story.
 It reminded me of Matrix,Shutter Island(confused face of Leo of course), Call of Duty MW2( not really) n even 2012 ,, haha, watch for urself. u will love to discuss on it after the movie n feel like watching it again n again to catch the full thing, thats Nolan effect.
Dont miss guys
 and i dream n dream on the movie............

A heavily disappointed fan review

repenting now.i should have listened to the reviews earlier.and its one of the worst movie adaptation ever,
M Night really destroyed the movie, he shouldnt have made one if he cant do it properly. and am sure he wnt be making the sequel any soon.
I always blamed James Cameroon for stealing the name "Avatar" from the Nicks altime best n gr8 series -Avatar:The Last Airbender, M Night first planned movie name as "Avatar",, glad it was taken already, he didnt destroy that name,P
And movie promised heavy action, full of fun, great story n apt casting, sadly movie lacks everything, we are left with mispronounced names, shortened story with little details , viewers wnt even get wat happened in the end, also it has got no bending or 3d effects, all bending actions were replaced by dancing, no 3d effects, and one had to wait to see the subtitles to find out that its 3d, even he changed the races of characters and even their mannerisms. Ang,katara,Saka,Suko,Airo are not the ones u see in movie, and the biggest blunder of move is that its labelled 3d.
and my verdict is dnt watch the movie, atleast not in 3d, watch the trailer instead, coz they show all the good scenes in trailer n movie got nothing, Katara is good in her role. and The boy did well though he lacks looks, and above all M N8 destroyed the movie n disappointed the series fans to the extreme.P

can be reviewed in a single word.. it sucks...
u wont believe its from ubisoft who made the awesome psp adaptaions Revealations (Warrior Within) n Rival Swords(The Two Thrones)..atleast they should have thought its another installment in sands of time series,
the game isnt pure 3D,, even the ingame videos are bad.. that pop4 like sketch thing..
i thought the story was about what happened between sands of time and warrior within.. i doubt that statement now..
i wonder why ubisoft is constantly neglecting psp.. after Assassins creed Bloodlines no great game were released for psp.. Avatar was utter failure.
i recomment you should play Rival Swords once again instead.. its ditto T2T.. same with WW psp ver Revelations
theres not much to review on #forgottensands in psp.. looks more like a mobile game.. its not even 3d guys.. really disappointed,
i was really happy at the news on #forgottensands on all consoles, wish they hadnt done that.. they are loosing their standard..
anyway i am playing it coz am a mad pop fan.. wish the game was better
after all these blaming i will recommend you guys to play the same.. after all its another installment i SOT series...



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